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Irish Hand-and-a-Half Sword by Generation 2 (Legacy Arms)

CODE: G2-001-2

Price: $259.99

Steel-to-Steel capability. Dating around 1475 - 1525 A.D. It features a full tang construction, high carbon blade that is flexible and strong. High polished steel cross guard and pommel, leather wrapped handle. This sword is light and quick. A wood scabbard that is wrapped in leather with steel band at throat and steel tip is included.
It features the our high quality fit and finish that has been known for all Genertion2 swords. Companion dagger available.

Caution! All Generation 2/Legacy Arms pieces are VERY sharp. Use extreme care when handling.

Blade length: 34 1/2"
Handle/Hilt length: 11 1/2"
Overall: 46"
Balance Point: 3.5" Below Hilt
Weight: 2. lbs. 8oz.

Note: The blade is 3/16" high carbon spring steel with a full hefty tang. It was tested on several 2"x4" standing up and split them with no marring on the blade. Then tested it on a 2"x4" cross ways resting on each side on a solid rest and came straight down. It did not cut all the way through but it did cut deep and again did not mar the blade or edge. Then went to the ultimate test Steel-to-Steel. With 9 good blows, it nicked the blade but did not break the blade not break the tang or handle in either of these tests.