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Dordogne Sword by Generation 2 (Legacy Arms)

CODE: G2-701-2

Price: $239.99

Steel-to-Steel capability. The original sword was dredged up from the river Dordogne many years ago. Although the blade was badly corroded, both the hilt and guard were in good condition. This sword dates between 1410 and 1450AD.
The Type XVa was developed to oppose the plate armor that had arrive sometime before. Although plate armor would be impenetrable to a thrust from a hand held weapon, there were many junctions and openings in the armor that the sword could penetrate. Gripped with two hands, both covered in mail gauntlets, with one hand on the blade and the other on the hilt, a very powerful thrust could be delivered, splitting mail links and forcing its way through the various opening of the armor. Although the primary purpose the Type XVa was in thrusting, many had well sharpened blades as well, which could deliver a disabling cut to a lighter armed opponent.
The drawing from which this sword was made is the last drawing Ewart Oakeshott and never made it into any of his many books.
The sword is hand forged from a high carbon steel, and the steel guard and pommel are beautifully formed following the three dimensional drawings. Sword is sold complete with wood scabbard wrapped in leather with steel accents.

This sword features polished steel pommel and crossguard and a suede wrapped handle. Full wide tang that is peened over top of the pommel.
Caution! All Generation 2/Legacy Arms pieces are VERY sharp. Use extreme care when handling.

Blade length: 36"
Handle/Hilt length: 7.25"
Overall: 44.25"
Balance Point: 4.5" Below Hilt
Weight: 3 lbs. 3.2 oz.